Internet Reptile partners with Local Store Medusa Exotics - New Reptile Shop coming soon.

Internet Reptile partners with Local Store Medusa Exotics - New Reptile Shop coming soon.

As some of our regular customers are aware, a year or so ago we aimed to open our first Internet Reptile Local store; a concept which would have seen our top selling products showcased in a high street store alongside a selection of popular reptile species housed in the high quality home for life setups that we promote instore and online.

As time passed, we came to realise that by opening an additional store we risked spreading ourselves too thin, being unwilling to compromise on quality and knowing that we could not possibly bring the vast range of stock our customers are used to into a high-street store, the entire project got put on hold. Whilst the new store opening seemed increasingly unlikely, ultimately our desire to open never went away.

When we found out that our friends at Medusa Exotics were having to close their own reptile shop, we entered discussions as to whether we could help alleviate some of the retail pressures that had led to their decision to close. From these discussions the idea of an Internet Reptile Partner Store was born.

To today, we are excited to announce that Medusa Exotics will be reopening on Carlton Hill as an Internet Reptile Partner store. The arrangement will allow Medusa Exotics to continue trading as well as helping revive the concept of the Internet Reptile Local store that a lot of locally based customers were looking forward to being able to visit.

Medusa Exotics was recently granted a 5 star licence to sell pet animals from their local council, but with the store being almost 12 years old they will be the first to admit that a lot of the older enclosures really needed a refresh to bring them up to the latest standards promoted within the hobby.

The new partnership will see Internet Reptile provide brand new setups for every animal, care sheets, supplement guides, ongoing support and more. We will also be helping increase stock levels making sure that there will always be a good selection of all popular items available to take home straight away rather than having to wait for these to be delivered into store.

Moving forward we hope to provide integrations for click and collect and real time stock levels displayed directly on the main Internet Reptile website.

Customers who frequently visit Medusa Exotics will still be dealing with Shaun and his team on a day to day basis and it is important for both companies that the store remains very much a local, family run business that carries the Medusa Exotics brand and feel.

The partnership with Internet Reptile will allow Medusa Exotics and its customers to benefit from high standards, low prices and better stock availability than ever before.

Medusa Exotics are aiming to open the new store on Friday 1st November 2019 and look forward to welcoming customers old and new. We will provide further updates as the month progresses.

11th Oct 2019 Internet Reptile

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