Bearded Dragon Setup (Monkfield 4x2x2ft Vivarium)

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  • Monkfield 4x2x2' (120x60x60cm) Premium Vivarium
  • ProT5 Complete UV Lighting Kit
  • High Range Dimming Thermostat
  • Digital Infra-Red Thermometer
  • Ceramic Lamp Holder
  • 2 Basking Bulbs
  • Lamp Safety Cage
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Electronic Timers (where required)

Full Details:

Monkfield Premium 4x2x2' Vivarium


Meeting the RSPAC minimum standard of 120x60x60cm this vivarium provides ample space for your bearded dragon to move freely, turn and climb.  Available in a choice of colours to suit any home the large size will help you set up a therm-gradient inside the vivarium.

Arcadia ProT5 12% 34in/39w UVB Kit (RRP:£69.99)

  • Provides optimum levels of UVB for your bearded dragon
  • Contains Bulb, Reflector and Controller.
  • Easy Install Kit with metal brackets
  • Full 12 month lifespan of the bulb (many cheaper options last just 6 months).

Habistat High Range Dimming Thermostat (RRP £59.99)

  • Accurate Temperature Control for Heat Bulbs
  • Provides a conformable, safe, temperature gradient within the vivarium
  • Protects against fire and overheating risks

Digital Infra-Red Thermometer (RRP £19.99)

  • Allows you to simply point and click for instant temperature readings
  • Accurately measure ALL areas in the vivarium, aim for a 40C basking spot with a gradient down to 24C at the cooler end

Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder Plus Bracket Pro (RRP:£17.99)

  • Heat resistant for safety
  • Easily and securely attaches to the vivarium with integrated metal bracket
  • E27 screw in fitting.

2x Arcadia Basking Spot Lamps (RRP £8.98)

  • Provides heat from a bright natural light to replicate sunlight
  • 75w and 100w bulbs included (to allow a choice depending on your own background temps)

Arcadia Heat Lamp Safety Cage (RRP:£16.99)

  • Protects pets and people from accidental contact with the bulb
  • An extra layer of protection in the event a bulb cracks or shatters.

Silicone Sealant (RRP £6.99)

  • Essential but often overlooked
  • Helps protect your vivarium from moisture damage

Arcadia Time Switches (RRP £13.98)

  • Automate your lighting and heating settings
  • Provide a natural day and night cycle for your dragons
  • 2 included when ordering with a habistat dimmer, 1 if ordering with an evo lite, 0 if ordering with an evo.

 Please note, you will also need to purchase the following items which are not included as part of this kit

  • Supplements (not included)
  • Food (not included)
  • Decoration (not included)


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