Internet Reptile Complete Bearded Dragon Setup

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Take the hard work out of selecting all the components for your new bearded dragon setup and save money with our full complete bearded dragon bundle. Each component has been individually selected for quality, suitability and compatibility so you can take the guess work out of choosing which items are best suited for individual parts of the kit.  

**NEW FOR JUNE 2020** - Customise individual parts of the kit and add optional extras.


Measuring 120 x 62.5 x 62.5 cm the vivexotic bearded dragon vivarium meets the minimum size guidelines set by the RSPCA and current AAL guidelines.  This is suitable for dragons of all ages.


Our kits all include the following equipment which will help ensure the perfect heat and UV requirements for your bearded dragon.

Arcadia ProT5 12% High Output T5 UVB Lighting 

When it comes to lighting we can't recreate the intensity of sunlight that bearded dragons will experience in the wild, but the ProT5 system we include is one of the best ways to come as to that as possible, ensuring that your dragon has exposure to levels of UVB that will help him or her thrive. The kit includes the Lamp, Controller and Reflector in one neat easy to install package... unlike many cheaper lamps on the market you will only need to change the bulb every 12 months which means further cost savings in the future.

We have selected the 12% option for this vivarium as it produces the correct levels of UVB at a distance of 30-45cm from the lamp... when setup correctly a bearded dragon vivarium will have lots of climbing areas that 'build up' to the lamp... aim for varying height decor that will allow your dragon to bask within that range. Find out more about bearded dragon lighting on our care sheet or in this great article about the benefits of T5 lighting.

Habistat/Microclimate High Range Dimming Thermostat
Basking Bulbs (75w + 100w)
Heat Resistant Ceramic Lamp Fitting

Shockingly some stores still advertise their kits without thermostats to help them advertise as a lower cost... this Internet Reptile Bearded Dragon setup comes with a quality branded High Range Dimming Thermostat as standard, this will help you ensure that you can provide the perfect basking temperature for your bearded dragon. Two lightbulbs will produce the heat and light you need and can be safely installed in the heat resistant, ceramic fitting with metal bracket which simply screws into the roof of your vivarium.

Dual Zone Digital Thermometer

Monitor the temperatures easily and accurately with the supplied dual zone digital thermometer which allows you to check both the warm and cool ends of the vivarium easily at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need anything else?

We have worked hard to try and cover all the basics to house and provide the correct environment for your bearded dragon without the need for add ons to be purchased now or shortly after you buy the kit. If you don't opt for decoration or supplements these will of course still need to be purchased separately, but apart from food we aim to provide an easy one stop listing for everything you need to provide a perfect home for life for your dragon.  

You can find out more about our recommendations on our bearded dragon care sheet.

The only pack we do not currently offer as part of this listing is a night time heat pack as we find that most homes are sufficiently warm enough not to need additional overnight heating.  If, however, temperatures are likely to drop below 15C you may consider adding a nighttime heat option; our low wattage ceramic heat kit with pulse stat is a great choice.  

But I've seen it cheaper elsewhere, do I really need everything in your kit?

The simple answer is yes, our prices are typically 30-40% less than full RRP whereas most garden centres, chains and general pet stores do not include these discount levels.  

In a recent example in store a customer was quoted £215 from a competitor for a 'complete bearded dragon kit'... a quick check showed that a thermostat wasn't included (£47.99 including our regular discount) which immediately made the kit £262.99 (£3 more than our entry level kit)... the differences didn't stop there, every component of the kit was substandard; the vivarium did not meet the RSPCAs minimum guidelines and it included an inferior T8 bulb that would neither meet the UVB requirements of a bearded dragon, nor last more than 6 months, there was no reflector and it included a single basking bulb.  The same equipment sold at Internet Reptile would cost in the region of £150 with our standard discounts.  Had the keeper opted for that kit, it is likely that almost every item would need upgrading or replacing within 6 months of purchase more than doubling the initial quoted price.

Never be taken in by cheap ticket prices, always check carefully what equipment is included within every kit, why is has been chosen and what benefit it will provide your dragon.  We guarantee that we will never be beaten on price for a comparable kit or bundle bought anywhere else. 

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    Posted by rebecca hayward on 31st Dec 2020

    After being out of reptile keeping for a few years all my equipment had gone, I saw this set up and its perfect for my new bearded dragon, Negan, I have now brought more items from Internet reptile to fill the tank, decor, bowls, bits and pieces. Tank was easy to put together, the only thing I changed was the bulb as the bulb supplied wasn't getting the hot end quite warm enough. Delivery was super quick and I cannot fault the tank, equipment or Internet reptile in anyway. Thank you

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