Bearded Dragon Electrics Pack (12% ProT5 Lighting + Microclimate Evo Lite)

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This special electrics pack is the very cheapest way to correctly add all the essential electrical components into an existing vivarium.  Easy to install into an industry standard  4x2x2' (120x60x60cm) wooden vivarium.   


AN 10% EXTRA DISCOUNT HAS ALREADY BEEN APPLIED TO THIS BUNDLE.  Pay only £178.27 compared to our regular discount price of £198.08

Kit Contents

  • Microclimate Evo Lite Smart Thermostat (Black) RRP £94.99
  • Arcadia ProT5 34in UVB Kit, 12% UV Lamp, 39 Watt (RRP:£69.99)
  • Habistat Thermostat - Dimming - High Range (600w) BLACK (RRP £59.99)
  • Internet Reptile Digital INFRA-RED Thermometer (RRP £19.99)
  • Arcadia Solar Basking Spotlight 75 Watt (RRP:£3.99)
  • Arcadia Solar Basking Spotlight 100 Watt (RRP:£4.99)
  • Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder Plus Bracket Pro (RRP:£17.99)
  • Arcadia Heat Lamp Cage  (RRP:£16.99) 
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