Bean Weevils

Bean Weevils

Only around 2-3mm long, bean weevils are small beetles that make the perfect staple diet for a range of reptiles and exotic pets. Due to their small size and non-aggressive nature, they are ideal for hatchlings and juvenile invertebrates such as spiders, and small lizards and amphibians.

Simple to care for, bean weevils require dried beans, peas and pulses, which they feed on. They then use the inside to pupate, then emerge as adult beetles. 

Our bean weevils are supplied as a culture which contains adult beetles and beans containing feeding larvae. Female bean weevils lay eggs on the empty bean pods and, when stored in the optimum conditions, the culture will continue to produce weevils for a number of weeks. To increase their nutritional value, bean weevils can also be dusted with dusted with vitamin supplements

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    Bean Weevil culture

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    Bean Weevils are a small beetle that feeds on dried beans, as well as other dried peas and pulses. The larvae feed inside the bean, eating away at the inside until it is ready to pupate. It then makes a small chamber to pupate and emerges from the bean...
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