Arcadia EarthPro FruityInsect Gold (50g)

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  • Arcadia EarthPro FruityInsect Gold (50g)
  • Arcadia EarthPro FruityInsect Gold (50g)
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FruityInsectGold; EarthPro-FruityInsectGold is a Jelly pot that packs a real punch. This mix boasts near 50% real fruits and 50% real insects and with added Honey, Bee Pollen and Calcium. This DIY Jelly pot is bursting with goodness and is sure to be a hit with Crested Geckos and Blue Tongue Skinks alike.

Contains; Papaya, Apple, Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Mealworm, Beetle, Coconut Milk, Calcium

Carbonate, Banana, Cricket, Locust Bean Gum, Raspberry, Honey, Blueberry, Bee Pollen

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