Arcadia EarthPro Insect Fuel 50g,

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  • Arcadia EarthPro Insect Fuel 50g,
  • Arcadia EarthPro Insect Fuel 50g,
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EarthPro-InsectFuel is a blend of dried plants, fruits, full spectrum carotenoids, vitamins and minerals to accurately feed and nourish livefoods and pet insects. It contains no bran and as such no Phytic acid, a Calcium inhibitor and chelator. EarthPro-InsectFuel is a potent and balanced Bee Pollen rich source of nutrition for live insects.

It is vital that we feed our pet reptiles a diet that is rich in nutrients. They say ‘you are what you eat’ and it also applies to reptiles! We can only be sure of doing this if we properly feed and hydrate their live food sources properly. 

Always keep your feeder insects in a well-ventilated tub with food and water. Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-InsectFuel can be mixed with warm water and allowed to cool to form into a paste. Alternatively, you can feed it dry as long as you provide a separate source of hydration. Feeder insects can be kept hydrated by placing pieces of vegetable with them, such as carrot or potato. Alternatively, you can place some cotton wool in a bowl and keep damp. This is a better alternative to using a dish of water, as it can easily tip over and spill water around your insects, which can kill them.

You can also get InsectFuel in a gel version: InsectFuelGold, which is also good for nourishing your feeder insects without creating spillages in your livefood tub.

  • Feed as dry or re hydrate with water and feed daily.
  • Can also be used with many ‘Pet’ species of Insect.
  • All natural and totally non-toxic.
  • Our pouches use 75% less plastic than the equivalent sized pot. And our pouches are fully recyclable.
  • Crickets
  • Mealworms
  • Locusts
  • Cockroaches
  • Pet Species
How to use

Serve dry or with water.


UK grown Alfalfa, Calcium carbonate, Amino acids, Carrot Powder, Spinach powder, Mineral clay, Papaya, Algal Carotenoid, Bee Pollen.

Nutritional Additives

Vitamin B1 10mg/kg, Vitamin B2 16mg/kg, Vitamin B6 20mg/kg, Vitamin B12 50mcg/kg, Vitamin K 6mg/kg, Nicotinic 80mg/kg, Pantothenic 40mg/kg, Folic acid 5mg/kg, Biotin 1000mcg/kg.

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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Arcadia EarthPro Insect Fuel 50g,

    Posted by deborah carrington on 21st Nov 2021

    Arcadia EarthPro Insect Fuel 50g,

  • 5
    Excellent cricket...

    Posted by julie beynon burnett on 19th May 2021

    Was unimpressed when I first saw, didn't look too exciting but the crickets love it and it needs topped up often. So if my crickets are well fed and nourished so is my reptile. I wouldn't use anything else now

  • 5
    Arcadia insectfuel. Excellent stuff!

    Posted by Laura on 2nd Sep 2019

    This is the only product my crickets get (black, silent brown and house browns). I will not use any other due to the content of cereals, grains and mainly bran which has phytic acid in it, this is toxic to reptiles and I never want to deal with an infestation of grain mites from there food ever again. I use this dampened with filtered water for hydration and dry for gut loading. My crickets live longer and are much healthier and so is my reptile.

  • 5
    Arcadia earthpro...

    Posted by MELANIE HOPWOOD on 18th Jul 2019

    I have used quite a few times, the crickets seem to love it never any problems,I will carry on using.

  • 5
    Can't say alot about...

    Posted by Adam King on 5th May 2019

    Put this in with the locusts I purchased, one went straight to it and had a tiny nibble, apart from couldn't tell it had been touched, don't think much of it was eaten

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