Animals Available in Store

Captive Bred Only
All our Reptiles and Amphibians stocked in store have been bred in captivity
In Store Breeding Program
We breed many of the most popular species ourselves including our bearded dragons, geckos, chameleons and many snakes.
Expert Advice
Visit us in store 7 days a week, call us on 0115 8377 877 or contact our reptile team directly via facebook messenger.
Full Setups at the Best Prices
Always get in touch before purchasing any equipment elsewhere... our equipment prices are guaranteed to be the lowest in the UK... PLUS, we will always discount a full setup when purchasing a new pet.
Current Availability
Please note that this is subject to change so please contact us before making a special journey and be sure to read our livestock sales policy which can be found at the bottom of the list.  
Captive Bred Reptiles & Amphibians (Updated 10th April 2019) Price
Amphibians: CB Dyeing Dart Frog 'Alanis' £49.99
Leopard Gecko - Bold Mack Snow Het Tremper Eclipse £74.99
Leopard Gecko - High Contrast Tremper Eclipse £74.99
Leopard Gecko - Mack Patternless Stripe Eclipse Het Tremper £64.99
Leopard Gecko - Normal Het Tremper Eclipse £34.99
Leopard Gecko - WY Mack Raptor £84.99
Leopard Gecko - WY Mack Raptor (High Contrast) £94.99
Leopard Gecko - WY Mack Tremper Eclipse £94.99
Leopard Gecko - WY Raptor £94.99
Leopard Gecko - WY Raptor High Contrast £94.99
Lizards: Bearded Dragon (Store Bred 2018 Morphs - 3 Left) £89.99
Lizards: Crested Gecko (Correlophus ciliatus) £49.99
Lizards: Gargoyle Gecko (Rhacodactylus auriculatus) £119.99
Royal Python - Calico Female £139.99
Royal Python - Calico Male £99.99
Royal Python - Cinnamon Make (66% het g stripe) £59.99
Royal Python - Clown Male £299.99
Royal Python - Enchi Pastel Male £99.99
Royal Python - Het Red Xanthic Male £59.99
Royal Python - Less Pinstripe Female £149.99
Royal Python - Lesser Male £69.99
Royal Python - Pastel 50% Het Pied Male £59.99
Royal Python - Pastel Yellow Belly Male £99.99
Royal Python - Pied Male £399.99
Royal Python - Pinstripe female £79.99
Royal Python - Pinstripe Male £59.99
Royal Python - Yellow Belly 100% Het Albino Male £79.99
Snakes: CB17 Arizona Mountain Kingsnake £139.99
Snakes: Corn Snake £69.99
Tortoises: Hermanns Tortoise CB12 Females £249.99
Tortoises: Horsfield Tortoise CF17 £89.99
Invertebrates (Updated 10th April 2019) Price
Mantis - African Flower (G.Amoena) 9.99
Mantis - African Mantis (S.Lineola) 9.99
Mantis - African Twig (P.Spurca) 9.99
Mantis - Budwing  (P.Agriomina) 9.99
Mantis - Cat 11.99
Mantis - Flower (C.Elongata) 9.99
Mantis - Ghost (P.Paradoxa) 9.99
Mantis - Malaysian Blue (Hierodula 'blue') 9.99
Mantis - Orchid Mantis 24.99
Mantis - Panther (T.Pantherina) 9.99
Mantis - Spiny Flower (P. Wahlbergii) 9.99
Mantis - Yellow (S.Femoralis) 9.99
Millipede - African Train (Archispirostreptus gigas) 19.99
Scorpion - Giant Vinegaroon Scorpion 34.99
Scorpion - Israeli Gold Scorpion/Large Claw 11.99
Scorpion - Pygmy Wood Scorpion (Adult) 19.99
Stick Insect - Giant Thorny (Trachyaretaon brueckneri) 4.5
Stick Insect - Jungle Nymph (Heteropteryx dilatata) 12.5
Stick Insect - Sunny (Sungaya inexpectata) 2.99
Tarantula - Black Furry (C. olivaceum ???) 9.99
Tarantula - Brazilian Black And White Tarantula, Spiderling 8.99
Tarantula - Cascada Birdeater (Pamphobetues sp 'Cascada') 1-2cm 30
Tarantula - CB Salmon Pink 3-4cm 19.99
Tarantula - Costa Rican Chevron (Psalmopoeus reduncus) 16.99
Tarantula - Curly Hair Sling 1cm (Brachypelma albopilosum) 6.99
Tarantula - Desert Blonde (A. chalcodes) Large 50
Tarantula - Giant White Knee - £34.99 34.99
Tarantula - Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula - £99.99 99.99
Tarantula - Green Bottle Blue (C. Cyaneopubescens) 45
Tarantula - Mexican Red Knee (Brachypelma hamorii) Juvenile 40
Tarantula - Mexican Red Knee Tarantula, Spiderling 24.99
Tarantula - Orange Baboon Tarantula, Spiderling 7.99
Tarantula - Pederson's Ornamental Tarantula (P.vittata) 59.99
Tarantula - Pink-Toe - £27.99 27.99
Tarantula - Puerto Rican Pink-Toe Tarantula 23.99
Tarantula - Salmon Pink Bird Eating Tarantula 27.99
Tarantula - Suntiger Tarantula, Spiderling 17.99
Tarantula - Tiger Ornamental (Poecilotheria tigrinaweesseli) 45
Tarantula - Trinidad Chevron (Psalmopoeus Cambridgei) Juvenile 19.99
Tarantula - Trinidad Olive (Neoholothele incei) 25
Our Livestock Policy

We are passionate about ensuring all our animals go to perfect homes which means we will need to either sell them with a full setup or see photos of an equivalent setup before agreeing the sale of any of our pets.

The easiest way to get it just right is to visit us before you start buying anything for your new pet. We have absolutely everything you will need to house and care for all the animals we sell right here in store and as all our reptile supplies are covered by the Internet Reptile Price Promise it means they will never be available for less from any of our competitors.

Our in store advice is completely free and we are happy to spend as much time with you as needed to help ensure that you get everything just right, avoid getting caught out buying the wrong equipment elsewhere and save you money at the same time.  

We are open 7 days a week and our reptile team can even be contacted by phone on 0115 8377877 or via our facebook page if you wish to ask any questions or check current availability before making a special journey.

Internet Reptile is licensed to sell Animals as Pets under The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Invoicing Animals) Regulations 2018 and holds a five star Licence (number 097367) for this activity.  The licence was issued by Nottingham City Council on 14th March 2019 and remains in force until 14 March 2022.  A copy of our licence is displayed in store at Clarke Road, NG2 3JJ