Amphibian Starter Kits

Amphibian Starter Kits

Amphibians are relatively low maintenance pets and are easy to look after.However, if you have never owned an amphibian before, you may be confused as to what products and housing to buy. Here at Internet Reptile, we can help. Our amphibian starter kits contain all the essentials you need to create the perfect environment for your new amphibian to live a happy and healthy life. 

As amphibians don’t produce enough internal heat to maintain and regulate their body temperature, they require strong light and basking spaces. Our amphibian starter kits contain essential care items, such as a thermostat, heat mat and thermometer, to ensure your amphibian is receiving the right care. Similarly, providing your amphibian with plenty of hiding spots and shelter, such as the cork bark included in our amphibian starter kits, is the key to keeping them happy and calm. 

We also stock a range of decoration to create the ideal home for your amphibian, along with high quality amphibian foods and substrates. We’re the perfect choice for all of your herptile needs and guarantee the best products at the lowest prices with our lowest price match promise. For all orders over £60, we’ll deliver to your house next day free of charge while those who live close to our Nottingham reptile store can benefit from our 30 minute click and collect service.  

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