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Please note that at this current time we are not allowing visitor access to our store or warehouse, you can find updates about the way Coronavirus is impacting our business here.

About Internet Reptile Nottingham 

Founded in 2008 off the back of a lifelong passion for reptiles; Internet Reptile fast became a leading supplier of quality reptile equipment and livefood for home delivery.

Known for our wide range of products, super low prices and exceptional customer service, Internet Reptile rapidly grew into a modern, sophisticated e-commerce business.  Unlike many websites our customers enjoyed the added bonus of it being run by reptile experts meaning they could get the advice they needed but also benefit from the speed, efficiency and low prices usually only available from a none independent business.

When, in 2014, the opportunity to move to a new larger warehouse in Nottingham we didn't think twice.  We were now able to open to the public and bring our reptiles to work with us, we've quickly become to the "go to" reptile shop for keepers in Nottingham and the surrounding areas and we keep making improvements and changes on an almost weekly basis.

Our Nottingham store is staffed by a talented, experienced team of individuals with extensive experience keeping and breeding these incredible animals and who are more then willing to pass on their knowledge and expertise.  Degree level Zoology, Zoo Biology and Bioveterinary Science are just a few of the qualifications held by our team so you can be confident with the advice you are receiving when visiting our store.  

We understand how frustrating it is to buy from a shop that only holds a handful of products, only to learn later that you have been sold a product because it was what was in stock rather then because it was the best one for your the animals you actually keep.  With a range of over 3000 products from every leading brand available at any one time you can be sure that won't happen at Internet Reptile.  Additionally we are completely independent and impartial when it comes to brands so will make recommendations based on what we know works well with our own animals - we are always keen to try new products but will only recommend them when they prove their worth or discontinue them if we feel they don't live up to our expectations.

Our core values are in the education and advancement of the reptile hobby by embracing new products and technologies, we then couple this with our great online value.  Our top of the range setups which are designed to be the absolute best from an animal welfare point of view often cost no more then the unsuitable budget setups often marketed as complete by none specialist stores or garden centres.

The reptile team at Internet Reptile don't just care for our animals, we breed many of our own right here in store meaning so you can see the parents and setups that have produced the babies in store. 

By embracing enhancements in technology, following the latest research and using enclosures that recreate the natural habitats of the species we keep (such as bioactive) we have seen noticeable improvements not only in the physical health the animals we keep but also in the way they behave; for that reason you will never see old fashioned, one-size-fits-all enclosures in our store; every setup has been designed specifically to cater for the species being cared for,