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  • Bearded Dragon Kits

    Our bearded dragon starter kits are a range of specially selected products from around the site put together in kits to suit all budgets. If these full setups for bearded dragons are not exactly what you are looking for why not use our kits as inspiration to create your own.  

    Generally we aim to include all electrical essentials in every kit but allow you to choose your own substrate and decor as everyones tastes vary; we do have a number of essentials packs too though if you'd prefer our choices and these are available at special discounted prices

  • Leopard Gecko Starter...

    Leopard Geckos make fantastic pet reptiles, relatively easy to care for, smaller and more manageable then other species and available in more colours and patterns (morphs) then you can imagine there is a leopard gecko for everybody.   To take the stress out of choosing the right equipment we have put together a range of full, complete kits for all budgets but kept the focus on quality throughout. 

  • Crested Gecko Starter...
  • Turtle Starter Kits
  • Hatchling Starter Kits
  • Amphibian Starter Kits
  • Tortoise Starter Kits
  • Snake Starter Kits
  • Invertibrate Kits
  • Chameleon Starter Kits
  • Giant African Land...

    Giant African Land Snails, commonly referred to as GALS make extremely popular pets as to many other snails.  Internet Reptile have put together a series of kits designed to promote the correct care of many snail species whilst ensuring the best possible value

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